Day #28: Your favorite comic time period

Bronze Age.

No, contrary to its name, it’s not the first age of comic books—it’s in fact quite before the Modern Age of Comic Books we know today. Informally named, the Bronze Age is said to run from 1970 to 1985, following the Silver Age of Comic Books. It retained many of the styles of the Silver Age, with traditional superheroes remaining the mainstay of the industry. However, a return of darker plot elements and more storylines that are relevant to the society (similar to the Golden Age) like real-world issues (drug use, alcoholism, pollution) started to flourish during the period, becoming the basis of the later Modern Age of Comic Books.


I might’ve as well chosen the Modern Age as my favorite comic time period, right? But I chose the Bronze Age as it is the time for a lot more exploration. Since the beginnings of the definition of superheroes happened during the Golden Age, the Silver Age exploring horror, crime and romance, the Bronze Age starts to be more akin to a newspaper than the regular entertainment magazine, featuring issues that we could relate to and how superheroes would react to such dilemmas.

Thing is, while comic-books today do have a lot more amazing plots and more realistic stories compared to the ones before, it doesn’t get appreciated by alot of people. Elitists were more often than not called geeks and bullied because of their extensive knowledge of the comic book world. Few of the collective people in society knows what a real comic book is, and some just watch movies so they could be with the in society, and not appreciate the work as it is. Sometimes, people watch superhero flicks because they’re mainstream, and then they act like they know everything about them.

Compared to that, the Bronze Age of Comics might as well be in the threshold between comic book fandom and appreciation and the adaptation of comics to the big screen. The Bronze Age, based on my understanding, is an age of development and at the same time an age where everyone enjoys comics and not get judged by reading them.