Day #27: Your favorite non-human race

Little Green Men.

Well, it might be safer not to call them that way, since, you know, they can immediately send a Super Skrull to ensure my demise. Nevertheless, if we’re talking about non-human races, then the Skrulls would be my favorites. Well, partially because they’ve been one of the most recurring enemies the Fantastic Four had faced. Secondly because, no matter how many times they could fail, their efforts have garnered respect of other races throughout the whole sector. Or quadrant. Or galaxy. I’m not sure. 


From the Andromeda Galaxy, the Skrulls are a fierce warrior race—carving for themselves the oldest interstellar empire in the universe’s history. They don’t give birth, but they lay eggs like their reptilian ancestors. They call their kids hatchlings. While they do lay eggs, females had mammary glands and nursed their young. They were also known to be capable of producing hybrids with humans and Kree. The Skrull, like the Kree, became genetically frozen in place and was unable to evolve further due to a single member of the Skrull species abusing the power of the Crystal of Ultimate Vision.

But the Warskrulls, an elite group of Skrulls gifted with the ability to copy the powers (and the appearance) of their template, have used science to bypass this genetic freezing. Using their science, special encoding technology was used to grant them their powers. What impressed me the most, however, is their physical malleability. Most of the Skrulls can alter their shape, size and/or color at will

Kl’rt, the Super Skrull, might as well be the most notable Skrull of his time. Kl’rt was engineered to have the combined powers of the Fantastic Four, being able to use not one, but even all of their powers at the same time. Of the races I’ve encountered, the Skrulls were the only ones to impress me this much with their intricate use of technology.