Day #26: Your favorite elementalist


Usually (well most of the time), whenever we associate ‘ice’ with any X-Man, Robert Louis Drake would always come to mind. We can’t help it—he’s been with us since the very first issue of the series (you know, where they wear the classic suits. Specifically where Beast was still a big man and Iceman literally a man covered in big snow). 


But that’s not the only thing that makes him my favorite elementalist. Usually, Pyro would fit in the spot—maybe Magma, because you know, they control fire. But that’s not the only reason why he’s my favorite elementalist.

For starters, I like the effect blue has on white—and having loved the chills (in spite of living in a tropical country), Iceman always had this soft spot in my heart. Comic-wise, not only could he be as cold (or colder) than ice, but he’s also an Omega-level mutant.

Omega in a sense that he doesn’t control ice. He can control temperatures of dropping marks. He can use the cold moisture in the air to freeze things. From his regular temperature, he can drop his heat until Absolute Zero—the moment when all motion stops—and not even have any negative effect in him. 

He can also transform himself into organic ice—being able to reconstruct himself from just a head. He can also construct clones out of ice, and even manipulate moisture to freeze things into super-hard ice, and form it to virtually anything—imagination is his limits, and the ambient air temperature would determine how long would his sculptures last. 

You cannot meet anyone who could manipulate moisture at this caliber, at this proficiency, who could actually change the very way we could look at the world should he, you know, snap. And he could do it—control the world—because of his very vast powers. But he didn’t. 

His cool demeanor and his childish nature has made him more mature than what others would think. And its because of this nature and his demeanor would be the factors that made him use these powers for good.